Social Rocket is easy for you to set up. Simply connect your wallet, verify your Twitter account ownership and start earning $ROCKS. Simple!



Passively generate $ROCKS based on your Twitter activity. Each day, our algorithm will generate tokens for you based on your evolution (tweets, retweets, followers quality index, engagement factors, likes, comments...)



Spend your $ROCKS whenever you want to upgrade your growth index and generate even more tokens daily. The more you invest in yourself, the more you'll generate profit!



Chainlink decentralized Oracles will be used to ensure reliable tamper-proof inputs to our algorithm and overall network, securing social & market data through smart contracts.


Generating cryptocurrency on a social-network activity basis is an unprecedented large-scale innovative project with no currents competitors. A totally realistic project that we carry with great excitement and in which we deeply believe. A great adventure begins, which will hopefully contribute to the democratization of the blockchain. Pioneers, welcome to the adventure!

Social Rocket in 5 key points

- Unprecedented large-scale innovative project- Actually useful token application- Solid currency valuation over time- Realistic ambitions- Passionate team (10+ years of experience in tech)

What is the token used for?

With Social Rocket, you will quickly start earning your first tokens. Once that happens, you'll have two choices:


You decided to cash out right now!All right, so let's instantly resell some of your $ROCKS on the market (via Uniswap and other exchanges), in order to make some instant profit. As easy as pie, right? Congratulations, you've just made money with your Twitter account!


You decided to invest in yourself!Let's spend some of your $ROCKS on the Social Rocket platform to increase your token production level! You will earn more $ROCKS thereafter. The more you capitalize on yourself, the more tokens your Twitter account will generate.

Let's clearly understand how it works and why it's awesome

The project

With Social Rocket, your Twitter account generates tokens on a daily basis according to its activity, directly in your wallet. Account quality index, tweets, retweets, likes, comments, and new followers will get you more $ROCKS automatically!.

The distribution factor

The scalable algorithm will constantly recalibrate its token distribution factor based on user Twitter activity and the current number of tokens in circulation. The more users generate $ROCKS, the more difficult it will be to generate new ones later on! That will ensure, on a principle similar to the Bitcoin, the increase in value of the token over time.

How is all this calculated?

Meet the algorithm, real brain of the project. Connected to Twitter APIs, it will examine the quality index of each account and thus determine the token distribution factor for each user. And this distribution factor, which evolves over time, is a revolution. It is responsible for intelligently maintaining the token economy balance.

Is the token doomed to gain value?

It could not be better designed to increase in value over time. The valuation of the $ROCKS tokens lies in the equilibrium factor which links their current circulating supply to their spending index. The token economy is mathematically handled by function of limited and decreasing availability of the $ROCKS tokens (distribution factor).



Maximum Supply


Circulating Supply

500,000 ROCKS sold on private sale 1.67%
500,000 ROCKS + 400 ETH provided on Uniswap 1.67%
1,000,000 ROCKS allocated to the team - LOCKED in a time contract for 6 month 3.33%
1,702,365 ROCKS sold on public sale 5.67%
3,000,000 ROCKS allocated to marketing - LOCKED in a vesting contract 10%
23,297,634 ROCKS LOCKED in the algorithm vault, used to handle liquidity equilibrium - Only usable by the algorithm through Chainlink Oracles 77.65%